Live mayhem to come!

Catch the Thrash Titans Live – Unleash the Fury at These Venues:
– 2.5.24: Depo, Riga, LV – The onslaught begins!
– 3.5.24: Barbar, Tallinn, EST – Witness the fervor!
– 4.5.24: Fontaine Palace, Liepaja, LV – The tempest rages on!
– 7.6.24: Playhouse Bar, Helsinki, FI – Homeground havoc!
– 8.6.24: Bar Nirvana, Turku, FI – The final assault!

Brace yourselves for a relentless barrage of thrash metal mastery as BLOODRIDE tears through these cities, leaving a trail of euphoric destruction in their wake. This is not just a series of concerts; it’s a declaration of the indomitable spirit of thrash metal, embodied by the legendary BLOODRIDE. Join the thrash renaissance, where the legacy is loud, the riffs are relentless, and the legends come alive!