Hate of Hatred -video out!

BLOODRIDE have unleashed a rough video for ‘Hate of Hatred’, taken from the band’s 4th album “Idiocracy”.

“The video of song Hate Of Hatred is about hating hate. A topic that has been relatively difficult to describe in a video. Of course, it’s a somewhat difficult topic anyway. The material was filmed during the covid period, i.e. when we didn’t see each other with the band for more than a year. So because of this, only photos of the band were used in filming. In this way, a band video could be made without the presence of the band – of course, it allowed for a bit rougher material as well.” -Esa.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/YlXESNQyOh0

– Video editing by Film Doc – Videomaterial by the Thrashing Madness- Video editing supported by the culture of the city of Lapua.

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